Slides or negatives - Digital conversion

Convert your slide/negative collection to a digital format  for viewing on your computer or for printing. 

35mm slides and negatives and APS negatives converted.

All slides are examined carefully and loose dust and dirt removed before scanning

Small Quantities

    Because of the handling and packaging requirements small numbers of slides will be charged as follows.

    1 - 5   75p per slide/negative plus £1.00 for CD plus  £3.00 P&P

    6- 19  50p per slide/negative plus £1.00 for CD plus £3.00 P&P

20 - 100 Slides/Negatives

    40p per slide/negative CD included plus £3.00 P&P

Bulk discount

Over 100 slides/negatives 35p each plus actual postage     please contact first to get an estimate of the time.

Slides scanned at 2720 ppi to give digital photos of 2520 by 3780 suitable for A4 plus prints.

Basic colour/exposure correction included along with minor dust and scratch removal.

Furthur damage correction at normal restoration prices with a 20% discount.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for further information.

Slides should be sent securely packaged to

Remember Me Photos,

Linnbank, Old School Road,


G84 0AS