Our company provides a wide variety of services to enable you to make the best of your old photographs and slides. We realise the value of your photographs and treat them with care and consideration.


Torn, stained and faded photographs can be repaired and once more take pride of place on your walls.. A range of services are supplied depending upon the degree of damage. More details can be found here.


We all have them, photos of people with strange objects growing out of their heads or an untidy background spoiling a lovely photo. This can be put right by deleting the offending object or replacing a background. Missing people can also be added to a group photo or someone removed.

Why not treat yourself to a digital makeover and have a few wrinkles removed, it can be done and cost less than Botox.

Revive an old Black and White Photo by having ccolour added, either a little or the whole image, See the examples to see what can be acheived.

Other services include collages ans special effects to produce something really special.

Photos and slides

Don't leave your photos or slides gathering dust under the bed, have them scanned and either burned to a disc/memory stick or uploaded to dropbox for you to view on your TV or computor, have them printed to add to an abulm or place on the wall.